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Houston — By Christina Uticone on May 12, 2010 at 6:59 pm
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Texas State Park Pass

state park, park pass, texas state parkIt seemed fitting to choose Texas Travel & Tourism Week (May 8-16) to let you know about the Texas State Parks Pass.  More than 90 parks and historic sites honor the pass by waiving their entry fee for passholders, which translates into great savings if you are a frequent park visitor.  Unlike other similar state park passes, the Texas pass also offers discounts on camping and merchandise. 

In addition to saving money, passes provide convenience; no digging for change or a debit card – just hand the pass and your ID over for a quick check and you’re in.  Note: the park pass covers entrance fees only so make sure you check pricing for parking, amenities, activites and campgrounds as well.  My husband and I love our National Parks Pass and our New York State Empire Passport, so we’re thrilled to add the Texas pass to our arsenal.

state parks, texas parks, park pass

Ducks enjoy free, unlimited entry to all Texas state parks.

Texas State Park Passes are $60, or a 2-card pass for $75 (recommended for those who travel regularly with more than one vehicle).  Passes are good for 12 months, and passholders are entitled to special deals, discounts and coupons, including a reduced-price subscription to Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.  See the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website’s official Texas State Park Guide for a complete list of state parks and historic sites.

Passes can be purchased at most state park and historic sites, or you can call Customer Service Center in Austin at 512.389.8900 (long-distance charges may apply).

Photo credit: From the personal collection of Christina Uticone and Joshua Payne

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