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Multi-culti cuisine and clientele

If you find, that you want a change from all the kebabs and other Turkish delicacies, there is no shortage of international restaurants in cosmopolitan Istanbul. One of the nicest places though is the  DJAZZU restaurant in Sultanahmed.

Easy to find: Djazzu near Divan Yoglu

The logo, ‘in vino veritas’ and ‘fine food fine music’ is fully justified.

Yasar, one of the owners, will greet you with a big smile and you might want to start with his speciality: a hazelnut Martini. Yasar doesn’t stint on the Vodka, but he has the finest touch with the hazelnut syrup to provide an ice cold concoction which is just right with a nice bite but not too sweet.

Yasar, the proud co-owner welcomes you

The chef is Japanese and was actually chef to the Japanese ambassador. His menu has something for every taste: you can have sushi and delicious fresh tuna salad, spaghetti for Italian flavour, mussels (if in season) or butter soft squid for a touch of French and, as this is after all Turkey, a lamb kebab or lamb chops too. For drinks Yasar offers a fine selection of Turkish red and white wines from exquisite small Turkish vineyards.

Dishes cost between $10 to $20 per person.

DJAZZU means djin which is the little mischievous spirit that lives in a bottle and waits to be released.

DJAZZU is located just off Divan Yoglu, turning right into Ticarethane Street which is opposite the Firuzaga Mosque (map).

If you wish to make a reservation, call (90) 212 512 2242. The restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner, but dinner time is when it gets really lively.

Another owner is a very well known Istanbul antique carpet dealer and his friends and colleagues often find their way to DJAZZU. They are an international crowd and on one evening I met: a Native American from Arizona, who apart from being a carpet dealer is also a shaman, a French lady who arranges art exhibitions in Dubai, a Swedish history professor, a group of Japanese tourists enjoying a bite of home food, a backpacker from Australia and several Turkish people who were all friends of friends.

The restaurant has only about nine tables inside and a few more outside and customers tend to socialise with each other, conversations easily being conducted from table to table between people who have only just met.

It has to be said that the food, freshly prepared, takes quite a long time in coming, but it doesn’t matter because there is conversation and hazelnut martinis to bridge the gap.

Photographs are authors own.

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