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Washington DC — By Jon Rochetti on May 10, 2010 at 5:29 pm
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Save Your Money – Don’t Speed in Washington DC

Washington DC tops the list of the most likely place in America

where you’ll get a speeding ticket.

The latest Top Ten list from Driverside.com shows the states that average the highest number of speeding tickets per capita.  And while not a state, the District of Columbia raced into the top spot, with a shocking equivalent of 78% of the population getting a speeding tickets last year.  That’s a walloping 434,301 citations.

DC Police

Aided by 10 permanent fixed radar speeding cameras, and another 35 mobile locations that can work 24 hours-a-day without needing to take a break for coffee and doughnuts, it’s easy to understand why so far this year, DC police have mailed about 31,000 tickets to drivers each month, with an average fine of $94.00 per ticket.

Police radar units may be set up on a tripod, in a fixed installation, or mounted in a vehicle parked at the side of the road operated by a radar-certified Police officer.

The good news for drivers that get caught speeding by automated photo radar sites do not carry points, as long as you pay the fine.  And fines for speeding range in Washington, DC start at $30 (up to 10 over the limit) and grow to $200 for 26-30 mph over.

Add another 50 red light cameras located at major intersections, and 4,050 Metropolitan Police Officers patrolling the streets and your chances of getting a speeding ticket go up exponentially.

If not marked, the speed limit on all DC streets is 25 mph, 15 mph in allies.

Nearby Maryland also made the list in the #6 slot.

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