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Skydive Madrid

Skydive Madrid

There are thousands of ways to see Madrid from above – but of course, the most thrilling one would have to be skydiving. For the dare-devils, leaping off a small jet at 4000m above the ground will surely feed your thirst for adrenaline and give you an alternative perspective of the city. Whether you are looking for something out-of-the-ordinary or simply experience the Spanish outdoors, skydiving in Madrid might just be the thing for you. Thrill seekers would enjoy free-falling at 200km/hr above brown-and-green patches of olive fields with the sprawling metropolis in the far distance.

Located at nearby Ocaña, Skydive Madrid is the nearest outfitter to the country’s capital. You don’t need to have experience to skydive here. The operator offers jumps for both beginners and experienced skydivers. First-time skydivers will be jumping with an instructor, this is known as tandem skydiving. If it’s your first time skydiving, there will be detailed instructions and explanations to ensure safety is your top priority.  All safety gear will be provided.

With years of experience, the well-trained instructors will make you feel safe and comfortable before you do your first jump. They are also multi-lingual so be sure to check with your instructor if you feel more comfortable in English or a different language.

You should make reservations in advance, especially if you’re coming in a big group. Skydive Madrid has a comprehensive website that’s easy to navigate.


A basic tandem skydive costs 185euros per person, but there are discounts if you come on weekdays or in groups. University students also get a 20% discount. The jump usually takes around 2 hours in total, from the briefing session to landing. For the advanced skydivers, you can also attend a certification course here, with course rates starting from 431euros.

What’s more, they also provide photography and video options if you’d like to include that in your jump. Your instructor is equipped with a video camera to record everything from taking flight to landing. For photos, you will have to pay 70euros on top of the skydive tariff, and DVD video an extra 70euros. You can opt for both at 95euros.

How to get there

The best way to get there is by car. But it’s also accessible by public transport. Catch a bus from Estacion del Sur bus terminal to Ocaña. Regular trains also depart from Atocha train station (at 8.50am, 4pm and 7.40pm).

Details of Skydive Madrid:

Website: http://www.skydivemadrid.es/

Email: info@skydivemadrid.es

Address: Ocaña, Exit 62 of Autovia de Cordoba

Tel: +34 687 752 142

Photo credit: Flickr creative commons by migs212.

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