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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on May 9, 2010 at 1:26 pm
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Pub ‘N Grub at Hamilton’s

Everyone knows I love Stockbridge – it’s the perfect Edinburgh neighbourhood.  I usually stick to my traditional favourtes of Zan Zero, Avoca, and Patisserie Florentine.  I was excited to recently try another pub in the area, one that isn’t new but it’s  new to me:  Hamiltons.

The Venue

I’d like to point out that I’m reviewing Hamiltons today from the brunch perspective.  As like most of the pubs in this area, it is quite popular and perhaps a bit rowdy in the evenings, but I found the brunch/lunch atmosphere to be perfectly enjoyable.

The inside decor is very clean modern, with lots of artwork on the walls by local artists – one of the paintings next our table said “my studio is just next door – why not pop by when you’ve finished your meal?”  Great suggestion and if I hadn’t been in a rush, I definitely would have.  Otherwise, there is a lot of ‘pop art’ iconography elsewhere.  Overall, though, I like it because instead of just your bog-standard bar furniture, the place has an air of modern art museum to it.  It’s subtle but nice.

The Food & Drink

So, the venue has both brunch/lunch menus as well as a dinner menu.  For brunch we had two different dishes – I opted for the full Scottish breakfast (£8.95).  It comes with the usual set of accompaniments: bacon, sausage, haggis, black pudding, mushrooms, eggs, beans, hash brown, potato scone, and a small slide of toast.  The potato scone was particularly tasty for some reason – I can’t recall a better potato scone in my life!  The dish comes with tea or coffee, but I opted for a latte which you’re charged extra for.   Oh, and the server asked how I liked my eggs, which is nice – sometimes you just get them as they come.

My dining partner had the Hamiltons burger (£8.95), which comes with chips delivered in a tiny tin bucket!  It’s cute and fun and one of those nice little touches.  The burger was a very healthy portion, and it comes with caramelised onions and Emmental (though you can ask for that on the side).   The burgers are the perfect hangover cute, though you can have a beer with one if that does the trick.

Speaking of drinks, I’m not certain the type of coffee served but our lattes were more than enjoyable.  You’ll find an enormous full bar menu available – that includes everything from strawberry vanilla margartia to quite a few draught beers.  I didn’t have a drink precisely because after flipping through the 10 page drinks menu, I was weary of the thought of making a decision so early in the day.  However, the many options means this is a great place to celebrate any occasion or just out on a weekend having some good fun with friends.

The Essentials

Hamiltons is in the heart of Stockbridge, just on the south bank of the Water of Leith, so it’s the perfect stop before or after shopping in the neighbourhood or while on a walk along the river.
Address: 16-18 Hamilton Place
Phone:  0131 225 8513

Images courtesy of the venue.

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