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On The Road — By Andy Hayes on May 9, 2010 at 11:36 am
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Classic European Cities to Revisit This Spring

Spring has sprung in Europe, and you know what they say: April showers bring May roadtrips!  There really isn’t anywhere on the continent left “untouched,” so how about taking some time and get reacquainted with a couple of Europe’s classic cities?

Dublin, Ireland

Wow – tourism in Ireland has been smoking hot in recent years.   Given the recent economic crunch, though, Ireland has some fantastic deals for visitors.  Dublin is the epicentre and where you’ll likely start or finish your journey; a stroll along the river at night is really hard to beat.  And what many folk don’t realise is that once you get beyond the packed cluster of pubs and clubs, there are quite a few high quality restaurants in the city, such as Bewley’s for the budget conscious or the Tea Room at the Clearance for a special occasion.  There are a lot of great Dublin hotels all within walking distance, so you can easily relax and spend a few days without having to travel further afield.

London, England

London is without a doubt the most bustling spot in the UK; from packed city subways to roaring motorways, London is where you go to catch the action.  But there’s so much to see beyond the glare of Picadilly Circus and the other classic tourist spots; why not take a jaunt along the River Thames?  There’s a walking path that goes for miles along either side, which makes for great architecture spotting, and you’ll bump into the occasional cafe or pub for a refreshment stop should it suit.  There’s also lots of great neighbourhoods on the fringe of London, such as Clapham or Kennington, where you’ll find small B&Bs, quaint parks, and inexpensive restaurants.

Rome, Italy

I’ve been to Rome about four times, and I’ve still not seen it all, so I doubt you have either.  It’s one of those cities that was built and rebuilt and built-over so many times, they still keep finding stuff.  Look past the old hat classics such as the forum or Colosseum and head for more off-beat sights though, such as the Keyhole at the Nights of Malta (finding this is part of the adventure), the Sunday flea markets, or how about the Borghese gardens and museum?  Otherwise just find a sunny table and order a glass of wine.  What else do you need?

Paris, France

They say you’ll find love in Paris, and while I can’t say that’s 100% for certain, what is guaranteed is good food and drink.  One of Europe’s tastiest cities, those travellers who can brush up even the slightest on their French can have a wonderful mean (it’s amazing what please and thank you can do).  The city also has tons of gorgeous architecture, such as churches and museums – the Notre Dame is not the only game in town.  Just walk and see where your feet take you – you can always grab a subway ride back into town.   As for  hotels in Paris, you’ll have plenty of choice, especially if you head into areas just outside the main tourist districts.

Photos by Andrea F, Ian Muttoo, David Paul Ohmer, Panoramas

NOTE:  This post was sponsored by Hotel Direct.  The opinion expressed herein are those of the author.

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