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New York — By Steve Mirsky on May 8, 2010 at 11:50 pm
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Mamoun’s Falafel

A place has got to be good if it’s still around after opening here in NYC back in 1971….and in the Village for that matter, with all its high priced gentrification.  At 119 MacDougal St. (map), Mamoun’s serves up some mean falafel!  It’s easy to pass with a brown awning blending in with the surrounding brownstones but you’ll know you’ve arrived when you see more than a few folks burying their faces in something wrapped in foil.

Falafel from Mamoun's

For those of you who need an introduction or refresher, falafel is a type of fritter made from fava beans or chickpeas.  The beans are not cooked but soaked instead during preparation, then ground together with various ingredients including onion, parsley, sesame seeds, and spices like cumin and coriander. The whole mixture is shaped into balls or patties and fried.  Then here comes the best part… they are stuffed into pita bread, topped with tomato and lettuce, and slathered with tahini.  These babies are hearty enough to replace hamburger patties and meatballs in vegetarian dishes.

At Mamoun’s you just have to go for the full experience and wash it all down with steaming cups of cardamom tea. Other Middle Eastern staples include their creamy baba ghannouj and slow roasted shawarma made from rotisserie grilled lamb and chicken.

By subway: Take one of the A-F trains to W. 4th Street Station, walk 1 block down 6th Ave. and then 1 block over on West 3rd St. to MacDougal.

photo courtesy of plantainsandkimchi.com

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