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Vancouver Loses a Familiar Landmark

On Tuesday, May 4, a familiar landmark on the Vancouver skyline was taken down.¬† The world’s largest air-supported dome that made BC Place Stadium so distinctive, was deflated like a giant souffle marking the end of an era and leaving an enormous gap in the Vancouver skyline.

The deflation was the first step in a $563 million retrofit that will replace the old white dome with a cable-supported retractable roof and will extend the life of BC Place Stadium by 40 years.

BC Place Stadium

Huge crowds gathered to watch the dome deflate.¬† Residents of the city will miss this familiar landmark and it’s removal will make all the postcards that are purchased by tourists collector’s items.

The new dome should be in place by summer 2011, and will make history as the worlds first retractable roof.  BC Place will be crowned with 36 masts that will spring 14 stories into the sky  The roof is more than 4 hectares in size.  The retractable roof includes 17,000 tonnes of steel.

Workers have reinforced BC Place’s column and walls to support the new roof.¬† A temporary column will be erected at the centre of the stadium to support the new masts during construction.¬† Each mast will be lifted into place by a giant crane.¬† They will be attached by cable to the mast on the opposite side of the stadium.¬† The construction of the new roof is comparable to 18 suspension bridges.

Nestled in the hear of the city, BC Place Stadium opened in 1982 and has been the home to some of the greatest moments in BC sports history.  It recently hosted the 2010 Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

BC Place Stadium (map)

777 Pacific Blvd.

TEL: 604-661-7373

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  • So sad to see it go! It’s been such a recognizable part of the skyline for so long.

  • Christina says:

    The Astrodome here in Houston has a retractable roof and it’s a really nice feature! I’m sorry I never got to see this one (I love the “deflated like a souffle” line – I laughed aloud) but I bet this is going to be a major improvement to the venue. Congratulations to Vancouver!

  • Ruth Kozak says:

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

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