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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on May 7, 2010 at 1:10 pm
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Photo Friday: The Caledonian Hotel

Happy Photo Friday everyone!  Today’s photo Friday destination is the majestic Caledonian Hilton Hotel, at the west end of Princes Street.  I’ve never stayed at the Caledonian, but I’ve always loved it because it has such an interesting history.

You see, the Caledonian is a former railway station!  Yes, you’ll find vestiges of the old platforms and what not in various areas of the hotel – one of the restaurants inside actually embraces this history.  The Caledonian used to be a big competitor for the Balmoral – I suppose in some sense they still are competitors today, but in the early part of the century they really were cut-throat.  This is because the hotels were both railway hotels, adjacent to railway stations on either end of Princes Street, and owned by rival railway companies.  We benefit though, because the two facilities continued to up their game and offer better amenities, which is why these two names always appear on the lists of recommended hotels.

Apart from conference facilities and guest rooms, this building is full of amenities.  Consider the food and drink options alone:
  • Chisholms Restaurant (the old arrival platform)
  • Pompadour Restaurant (the original restaurant, opened in 1914)
  • Henry J Beans (a more modern diner/bar)
  • Castle Suite Lounge (small cream tea and sandwich shop with a superb view)
  • The Caley Bar (a whisky bar)

The Essentials

To learn more about the Caledonian:

Website: Official Hilton Website

Phone:  +44 131 222 8888

Address: 1 Princes Street

Photo by Dubross

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