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For 12 hours, my friend and I jumped on and off the Metro exploring the different parts of Paris, finding a new photo op at every corner. We came across the Pompidou Centre (map), which is a fascinating building right in the heart of Paris sticking out among other heritage buildings. The colourful Pompidou Centre was built to reflect the modern and contemporary spirit of the 20th Century.

This unique apartment building is located just a block away from the Pompidou Centre on the corner of Rue du Renard (map) and Rue du Cloître Saint-Merri (map). The colourful tiling on the building stood out among the other tall stone-coloured buildings in the area.

Overly photographed but always spectacular, the Eiffel Tower (map) is amazing to see especially at night when they put on the sparling show of lights.

There were little cafe’s, grocery shops and more all over paris on little side-streets. I admired this one in particular because it is so different from the typical variety stores found in America selling chip, pop, and candy. We stopped here to grab a snack of almonds and plums to tide us over until dinner.

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