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Dublin — By Jessica Colley on May 1, 2010 at 2:16 pm
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Where to Exchange Money in Dublin

If you’re an American traveling to Dublin, you are going to need some euros to spend. While most restaurants will accept credit cards, there are some instances where you will find a big ‘cash only’ sign. For example, attractions like museums may only accept cash, and many pubs will only start accepting credit at a certain price (20 euros or higher in most places). Taxis will only take cash as well, so you will need to have some on hand.

The best place to get cash is at the ATM, and these are widely available throughout the city. Depending on what bank you use in the States, the fee you are charged will vary. If your bank wants to charge you a big fee to withdraw money internationally, you may want to exchange money at the bank instead. If you do plan on exchanging cash, avoid doing so at the airport or at huts throughout the city that offer the service: these charge big fees and often don’t tell you beforehand what the fees will be.

When I’ve returned to Dublin with some extra dollars, I always go to the AIB Bank on Upper Baggot Street (map). This location is very near the center of the city, just a couple minutes walk from St Stephens Green. This bank has a separate window for currency conversion. Don’t bring any bills over 50s as the bank won’t change them (for example, a $100 bill will be useless to you). The bank does charge a small fee, but can often be better than what some American banks charge to withdraw money. It is a good idea to exchange all of your cash at one time and pay just one transaction fee.

The same idea goes for ATMs. If you plan on taking cash from an ATM, you will save money by limiting the amount of transactions, as opposed to stopping every time you need ‘20 quid’. It is also possible to get euros at your home bank before you depart, so when you arrive in Dublin, you can immediately be on your way without worrying about the hassle of exchanging dollars!

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