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Amsterdam — By Marianne on May 1, 2010 at 12:07 pm
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May Weather in Amsterdam

May is a good time to plan a trip to Amsterdam. The tourist crowd has not arrived yet. It is your last chance to visit Keukenhof Flower Garden. It is the first month to so some serious people-watching because most cafes have started setting up outdoor terraces. Amsterdammers populate outdoor cafes, lounge in Vondelpark or bask in the sun before their own front door.

Flights to Amsterdam tend to reach peak prices by the end of the month, but if you book early enough you may grab a bargain.

Sunrise and sunset on 1 May 6:11 a.m. / 9:06 p.m. and on 31 May 5:27 a.m. / 9:15 pm

This time of year average high is 17.2°C (63°F), average low 7.3°C (45°F). Average precipitation 61 mm (2.4 in)

This month terrasjesweer is the  a magic word and means pavement cafe weather. Be sure to join the crowd and sip your cappuccino or wine (depending on the time of day) while sitting at a table alongside one of the canals.

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