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Delhi Food: Colombian Gastronomical Festival Teases New Delhi

When the country Colombia comes into a conversation, the first few thoughts that will come to your mind are probably singing sensation Shakira, aroma-rich Coffee, dangerous Drug Lords, tremendous oil reservoirs, and Nobel prize winning author Garia Marquez. For some unknown reason, Colombia is less known for its cuisine? Take it from me the Colombians have loads to offer for your taste buds. Head for the Colombian culinary extravaganza and judge it for yourself. This adds to the Delhi Food itinerary.

Delhi Food

Columbian Culinary Extravaganza in New Delhi

To commemorate 200 years of Colombian independence, the Colombian Embassy and Jaypee Vasant Continental Hotel has organized the Colombian Gastronomical Festival. The festival will have Colombian food from the Andrean and Caribbean regions.

Colombian food usually comprises of potatoes, tapioca, meat, seafood, and a variety of cheeses. Special bread called Arepa usually accompanies the meals. For the Indian Delhi food lovers, Arepa is very similar to our Indian Delhi food Chapatti. Flour is used in Indian Delhi food Chapatti, while Corn is used to make Arepa.

The recipes have been tailored to suit the Indian food preference. For example, beef is typically used in many recipes. This meat has been replaced by Mutton and Chicken. Colombian food is spicy but not chilli hot. Most of the spices have been imported directly from Colombia. This has been done to ensure the flavour is as authentic as can be achieved in India. The flavour and character of the food is different and not commonly found in New Delhi. The capital city does not have a single restaurant specializing in any of the South American cuisines. All the more reason for you to enjoy this culinary extravaganza! Did I mention that the food is cooked by celebrity chefs Edgar Mora and Patricia Soto?

Don’t let this Delhi food delightful opportunity go by, experience Colombian cuisine and you just might bring into your kitchen. Delhi Food just got much better.

Where: Jaypee Vasant Continental Hotel, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

When: Till May 2nd

Entry: Free, though you’ll need to pay for the food

Image Credit: SXC

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