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Carlitos, The Pancake King!!!


El Amanecer de Carlitos is by far one of the best places to enjoy a great breakfast in Buenos Aires, Argentine style. It has become a classic spot, no doub.

It offers more than 700 combinations of panqueques (pancakes) (salty and sweet ones), some custom made. I would kill to get the recipe for the dough, it is so soft and foamy!!! Make sure you have a dulce de leche pancake, if not you will never be able to say you’ve been there! That’s the one to get. If it is “quemado al rum” even better. Also, you can eat great hamburgers and fries, or a tostado, or a licuado de banana (banana shake).

Well, here is how it all began… there is a seaside resort south of Buenos Aires called Villa Gesell (about 350 kms from the city). This character called Carlitos (the owner of this place) started there his business many many years ago. Soon it became a success. I remember seeing Carlitos, a small old man always wearing a red sailor hat. He was always either peeling potatoes or making pancakes.Today I just learned that he passed away at the age of 76, so I decided to write this article to pay tribute to a man who made history.

Now, if you ever go to  Villa Gesell don’t forget to drop by for breakfast, or lunch or dinner. Since it is a resort area there is a lot of nightlife action, hence if you drop by at 6 or 7 am you will find the place packed with teenagers that just came out of the nightclubs.

In Buenos Aires there are several locations, one on avenida Libertador in Vicente Lopez and others in Belgrano, Castelar and Adrogue, none in the downtown area.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/packard46/4170700404/

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