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St Petersburg — By Ivan Stupachenko on April 27, 2010 at 4:54 pm
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The Day of the Great Victory In WWII

If you happen to visit St. Petersburg (or any other city in Russia) on May 9, you will touch one of the most important event here. Namely “touch”, I mean, you will be deeply involved since it’s about the day when the Hitler’s Germany surrended to the Soviet Union and its allies. In Europe it happened on May 8, in the USSR it was already May 9.

That’s the greatest festival for all Russians, so you may be even surprised how widely it’s being celebrated, but you will understand why I say that you will be touched even if you are not directly involved.

The central event of this day in St. Petersburg is a parade of troops and military vehicles at the Dvortsovaya Square. It starts at 10.00. If you want to attend it, come before since the room is limited, but there are usually a lot of spectacors. A little hint: a final repetition of the parade will be on May 7.A good opportunity to watch it without crowds.

The Ostrovsky’s Square will host a concert of bands under open sky between 12.00 and 17.00. This will be a musical marathone dedicated to those who were composing mucis and writing poems even in the times of the war.

The Mikhailovsky Garden will host a festival with music and other entertainments appropriate for this day.

A march of the veterans will take part in the middle of the day, starting fron the Vosstaniya Square to the Dvortsovaya Square. It’s a very moving part of the festival, with citizens giving honour to those still alive who defended the country 65+ years ago.

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