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London — By Andrea Kirkby on April 26, 2010 at 3:06 pm
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Vietnamese food in Broadway Market

There’s quite a thriving Vietnamese community in East London. I’ve always patronised the Vietnamese restaurants along Kingsland Road, but there’s a fast food option too - Banh Mi 11 in Broadway Market [map].

Banh Mi 11 serves filled baguettes – with a difference. The filling is hot, and it’s Vietnamese. The basic ingredients are marinaded pork, or vegetables, and there are additional good things like honey-roasted chicken. The pickles are home made, and provide authentic Vietnamese flavour. The only downside for me is that two of the otherwise best sarnies include pork liver pat 130, and I can’t eat liver.

There’s also a fantastic steak sarnie, with soy sauce adding saltiness and tang to the flavour of the steak. Definitely a big breakfast for market days!

Banh Mi 11 is now at the Regent’s Canal end of Broadway market, having moved down the road from its earlier home outside Ca Phe VN (which now has its own banh mi as well as Vietnamese coffee).

Photo of Broadway Market by Matthew Black on flickr

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