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New One-Man Shows Open At The Marsh Theatre

The Marsh Theatre has had a long history of developing new performers by providing artists with an intimate performance venue and an environment that encourages experimentation. It’s also known for giving audiences a place in which to see work on the cutting edge of creativity. Coming up, the Marsh breaks new ground again with a series of shows sure to please:

Geezer: Written & performed by Geoff Hoyle. Developed with & directed by David Ford

From a hysterical riff on life in a nursing home to The Venerable Bede’s meditations on the meaning of life, from delightful reminiscences of his youth in England and young manhood in America to ruminations on ageing and mortality, Hoyle brings his irrepressible sense of comedy and trademark physicality, as well as a certain elegiac wistfulness, to this tour-de-force performance about what it is like to grow old. Nine performances only, May 1 – 23, 2010

The Real Americans: Written & performed by Dan Hoyle. Developed with & directed by Charlie Varon

Fleeing the liberal bubble of San Francisco and his threateningly yuppie/hipster existence, Hoyle spent 100 days traveling through small-town America in search of some tough country wisdom and a way to bridge America’s urban/rural divide. Instead, he found himself immersed in the populist anger of the people whom Sarah Palin famously dubbed “The Real Americans,” and awed at the disconnect between Obama Nation and Palin Country. Through Aug 8, 2010

The Marsh Festival of New Voices: Come see the next wave of solo performance with 6 new full-length shows by:

• Sia Amma’s Uncle Sam’s Children in Africa

• Pidge Meade’s 40 Pounds in 12 Weeks

• David Moss’s Cracked Clown

• Marilyn Pittman’s It’s All the Rage

• Sigal Shoham’s Squeeze the Dollar, Change Your Life

• Kenny Yun’s The Dream

Plus shorter works by David Caggiano, Victoria Doggett, Rebecca Fisher, Emlyn Guiney, Wayne Harris, Mark McGoldrick, Mia Paschal, Ann Randolph,  Don Reed, JoJo Razor and Paul Sussman. June 2-13, 2010

Marsh Theatre www.themarsh.org

1062 Valencia Street
, San Francisco, CA 94110. 
(415) 641-0235

Photo courtesy of Flicker Hallie Jo CC

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