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St Petersburg — By Ivan Stupachenko on April 24, 2010 at 3:11 pm
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The Best Russian Landscape Master’s Exhibition

Silence. 1898

“If you see a telega, then paint a telega, if you see a cow, paint what you see, try to paint what you feel, the feeling that you have when seeing a picture of nature”. This is a quote from the greatest landscape masters of the generation of Russian painters to which such masters as Ilya Repin or Viktor Vasnetsov belonged. These are words of Isaak Levitan.

In 2010 we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Levitan’s birthday, and that is a reason for which The Russian Museum opens a very big exhibition of his works.

Here is a collection of the master on a dedicated web-site (many pictures in high resolution with a description in Russian), and here is a collection on the web-site of the Russian museum.

As the site of the museum says: “The penetrating depiction of the Russian nature, the refined feeling of the colour and tone that allows to catch and reproduce the emotional condition of the natural sigh — all this made him a founder  of the so called landscape of spirits. Alreadt the early pictures, created at the beginning of the 1880’s, entirely revealed itself Levitan’s outstanding picturesque talent, able to make the simple landscape to be consonant to the spirits and feelings of the artist and viewer”.

Place: The Russian Museum.

Time: till July, 15.  10.00-18.00, on Monday 10.00 — 17.00,

off-day: Tuesday.

Price: 350 roubles.

Photo credit:  www.isaak-levitan.ru

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