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Restaurants and Bars in Connaught Place, New Delhi

The IPL final between the Mumbai Indians and Chennai Superstars is on the 25 th of April. Unfortunately, the finals will be held in Mumbai. The Champions League has entered the semi-finals stage. The games between Barcelona and Inter-Milan are a must watch. The English Premier League and the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The list of sporting activities is never-ending. Unfortunately, it is rather impossible to watch them all in a stadium. Fortunately, New Delhi has some remarkable bars, which usually have High Definition TVs and Projectors, where you watch all your favorite matches. The atmosphere is similar to that of a stadium with the added benefit of liquor.

Drinks in Connaught Place

Pubs in Connaught Place

Q’Ba: This restaurant is spread over three floors. The interior design is exquisite and the food is remarkable, though it is slightly on the dearer side. A meal for 2 will set you back by $ 30 (Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200). The menu does not offer too many options for vegetarians. During winters, the management opens the terrace. You get a fine view of Connaught Place. This restaurant is not very loud. It oozes with class.

Location: Inner Circle, Connaught Place

Blues: This is one of the best and oldest bars in Connaught Place. It has a Mexican touch and has a dark atmosphere. Usually people in below 30 visit this pub. A couple of beers (750 ml) will set you back by about $ 10 (Rs. 500). This pub has won media recognition many times. The DJ starts playing classic rock after 8 p.m. They also have live music on Sundays.

Location: Outer Circle, Connaught Place

Knights: This bar began operations a few years back. It has gained considerable popularity. A beer will set you back by $ 5 (Rs. 200). The ambience is pleasant and it doesn’t attract a rowdy crowd. You’ll find both locals and foreign tourists visiting Knights. Apart from a DJ, they also have live music. The owners of Knights also have another pub, called Castle 9, which right next to Knights. Castle 9 is less expensive. A beer will set you back by $ 2.50 (Rs. 120).

Location: Inner Circle, Connaught Place

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