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Atlanta — By Katrina Verweel on April 24, 2010 at 9:05 am
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On a Lovely Saturday Afternoon

Every Saturday starting on May 22nd, bring the entire family out for a free afternoon of family-themed fun in Centennial Olympic Park (map). The recurring event is called Centennial Olympic Park’s Fourth Saturday Family Fun Day, and includes tons of interactive activities that will entertain you all, as well as educate your little ones (shhh don’t tell your kids).

Each Saturday will have a different theme:

•    May 22nd: Flights & Kites
•    June 26th: Great Outdoors
•    July 24th: It’s About Sports
•    August 28th: Games & Gadgets
•    September 25th: Our Many Cultures

The event is always open to civic organizations, hobby enthusiasts, artisans, school groups, and entertainers from around the area. You can always count on specialty workshops, touring shows and street performers, cool performances, arts and crafts, contests, prizes, and much more. Bring the gang in a month from now to the season’s first Saturday Family Fun Day, and your kids will love you!

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