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Disney — By Jenni Ingersoll on April 23, 2010 at 4:00 am
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At Disney, Feel Like a Princess, Just Don’t Dress Like One

It seemed like a great idea and innocent enough, but according to several European news sources including The Daily Telegraph, a British woman was banned from Disneyland Paris Resort (map) for dressing like  a princess.

Natasha Narula was celebrating her 35 birthday by taking her daughter, Drew, age 8, for a short trip to Disneyland Paris.  Being what sounds like a very creative and “cool” mom, and wanting to make the trip a little more memorable, Narula went to the local resale shop. 

 There she found a long white wedding dress for about $20.00.  Drew would wear a white and gold bridesmaid dress with little tiara.  Together they would dress like princesses and have a great day at the theme park.

Narula claims that she called Disneyland and was told that they two could dress-up.  But, upon arrival in their costumes,  the problem arose.  While Drew was more than welcome to enter in her costume, Mom in her white puffy sleeved dress, was denied entrance.

A security guard stated that she looked too pretty.   Even though the dress was nothing like a current Disney character costume and Narula was not wearing make-up or attempting to dress like anything other than a princess, a manager relayed that young guests might confuse her for a costumed character and want to have their picture  taken with her.

According to a Disney spokesman, guests over the age of 9 are not allowed to dress in costume.  Once Narula changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, she was allowed entrance into the Disneyland Park.  Frankly, if I were a princess, that is probably how I would want to dress anyway!

While this seems a little silly and is getting a lot of publicity, it brings another issue out in the open.  The fact that Disney even has to have this rule is a little sad.   It is not the fact that children will want to have their picture taken with a non-Disney employee, but that children will want to have their picture taken with any character. 

Unfortunately, these could be characters with less princess and more villain-like thoughts.  It is sad that Disney’s security team must think of every scenario, good or bad, to protect their most innocent guests. 

As a mother, I am glad that Disney has these kind of rules.  While I applaud Natasha Narula in her attempt to have a unique Disney adventure with her daughter, I support Disney in their no-costume rule.

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