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Madrid — By Nellie Huang on April 22, 2010 at 1:27 pm
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Rock Out at FestiMad

Festimad LiveAs summer lurks in the distance, several music festivals are hitting Madrid by storm. One such music event to take note of is the Festimad. A whole bonanza of eclectic band performances and raw music presentations will be sweeping the crowd away.

This event is specially noted as an opportunity for potential performers to strut their stuff and get the world to notice them. International and local artistes will be doing all they can to impress the crowd. The string of concerts take place all across the city, at over 40 staging grounds. Most of these performances are held in outdoor concert halls where spectators can lounge around on grass patches or dance along to the music in the space available.

Festimad is organized by Creacción, a non-profit cultural association. Since it started in 1995, more than 4,000 music performers from all over the world have participated and over 2 million spectators have come to witness the event. Its main goal is to give music performers a voice and let the world see what they are made of. Including talented artistes from different corners of the world also seeks to give music biodiversity.

What to expect

A huge array of music genres – from punk rock, to slow dance, traditional flamenco and metallic will be performed. The Festimad official website has a full list of performers, with their music style, information, date of performance and cost of concert ticket included.


Look out for the talented hardcore Japanese group Zeni Geva, who is currently on a European tour. The Pablo Cobollo, a Madrid local, puts up an interesting musical and poetic performance with an element of alternative rock. The Factoria Joven Comunidad de Madrid is also putting up a hip hop dance performance, that will rock the stage. They will be performing at Escuela ECV, at metro Moncloa. 17 Hippies hailing from Germany, are also a group to watch out for, as they perform unique folk music that blurs the lines between rock and world music.


Each group or individual show is performed at a different venue, so look up on the website to find out more specific details. The metro station and website url to each venu are also stated.


The festival begins on the 23rd April and continues until the 5th May. Through out this period, performances will be taking place all over Madrid, so be sure to check the schedule and book your tickets before it’s too late!


Ticket prices vary depending on which performance you are catching. Entrance fee starts from 5 euros. Book in advance to get a cheaper ticket rate.

Photo credit: Creative Commons flickr photo by vazzz.

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