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Disney — By Jenni Ingersoll on April 22, 2010 at 7:37 am
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Love the Earth with Disney Reusable Tote Bags

Where once you used to hear, “would you like paper or plastic?” there is now a trend that is thankfully catching hold in shopping venues across the United States.  I am talking about the trend of customers bringing their own reusable tote bags on their shopping trips.

Made of durable material, these original bags were generally solid colored and often stamped with the logo of the store where you purchased them. Many of these bags now offer new trendy designs so shoppers can not only show their love for the earth, but a little of their personality as well.

Just in time for Earth Day, the Disney Store is offering a variety reusable bags with unique designs that will have you shopping with pride:

Every Tree has Character – this classy green polyethylene bag portrays a tree with leaves in the shape of a Hidden Mickey.  Available on line and at many stores throughout the Disney parks, a portion of the sales are donated to Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.  DWCF protects natural habitats by preserving endangered plants and animals.

Save Planet Earth – featuring the little Toy Story Green Alien, this reusable tote is made of 100% post consumer products.  With reinforced stitched handles and sides and a flexible plastic bottom, this bag would be perfect for toting purchases home from the farmer’s market.  $1.00 from the purchase of each sale goes to the Nature Conservancy.

Make a Wish bag – this bag would be perfect for toting all that paperwork you’ve been meaning to get caught up on, and multitask while you sit at soccer practice, dance class or swim lessons and help a worthy cause .  Honoring World Wish Day, $3.00 from the purchase of every bag will go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, granting wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.

Need something to carry all those items to the pool, park or market?  These bags all made of 100% post consumer products feature your favorite Disney Characters, Princesses or Toy Story 3 Pals and are extra wide to hold all your summer fun!

Love the Earth, help a worthy cause and celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day with Disney style.

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