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Disney — By Jenni Ingersoll on April 20, 2010 at 7:31 am
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See Oceans and Save the Oceans

On Earth Day 2009, Disneynature Studios released “Earth“, a throw back to the Disney documentaries of old.   This Earth Day, Disneynature will release “Oceans” on the big screen. 

With nearly three-quarters of the earth’s surface covered by water there are a lot of mysteries and mysterious creatures that lie beneath.  Using the latest underwater technology to capture never-before-seen footage, Oceans follows the life cycle of sea turtles, whales, jelly fish and other creatures from earth’s oceans.

Narratated by Pierce Brosnon guests to the film will witness and have a new understanding for creatures  and their habitats such as a Marine Iguana and Galapagos fur-seal on Galapagos Island (map), a spider crab from Whyalla, Australia (map), and a Humpback Whale on Rurutu, Avera French Polynesia (map).

As a special promotion, if you see  Oceansduring the opening week, April 22-28,  Disneynature will make a donation in your honor to save the coral reefs. Through the support of Disney’s Worldwide Conservation Fund and the Nature Conservancy, a marine protected area will be established in the Bahamas (map).

Containing miles of vital coral reef, this area will provide shelter and natural habitats, nurseries and feeding grounds for marine life including sea turtles, dolphins and various other fish.  Without these coral reefs, and the protection and food they provide, this marine life would die.

Group tickets and teacher’s study guides are available provide an educational viewing and discussion of this film.

If you attend alone or with a group, be sure to see Oceans and save the oceans.

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