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The Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernandez Blanco… History Through Art…

There are many art museums in Buenos Aires, such as Bellas Artes, el Malba, de Arte Decorativo, el Museo de Arte Popular José Hernandez, and more, but at the Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernandez Blanco you will find the most extensive collection of Spanish-American colonial art in the World.

The museum opened in 1936 in a beautiful neo-colonial-style house called Palacio Noel, located in the barrio de Retiro, which belonged to Martín and Carlos Noel.

Here, different rooms are devoted to different eras and different personalities that have made up Argentina’s history, from the Guaraní Jesuit missions of Misiones to the provincial era of Juan Manuel de Rosas to more resent times. If you are interested on knowing how Argentina evolved throughout the years you will definitely enjoy the collection.

Opening hours, like most museums in Buenos Aires, are unique to say the least… Tuesday through Sunday and holidays from 2 pm to 7 pm, probably in reflection of the very late hours kept by many porteños. Admission is $1 and Thursdays is free. The grounds within the house also serve as an oasis from the surrounding concrete towers of the micro-centro porteño (downtown).

Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernandez Blanco

Suipacha 1422, Retiro

Phone: 4327-0272

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vtveen/3688104344/

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