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Washington DC — By Jon Rochetti on April 12, 2010 at 8:22 pm
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DC’s Film Festival Presents Over 80 Films

At the annual DC International Film Festival, Filmfest DC, more than 80 feature and short films from all over the world will be presented at nine locations around the Nation’s Capital.  The 11-day film festival, in it’s 24th year, will also feature more than 20 international directors, actors and producers who will present and discuss their films with festival attendees.

This year, Filmfest DC is presenting a few new features, including Bel Cinema!, a selection of 8 new films from Italy, the New Romanian Wave featuring 5 cutting edge works from one of the newest hot spots for international cinema, Romania, and Justice Matters highlighting documentaries and feature films dealing with social justice issues.

After reviewing the descriptions of all of the films, here’s my list of films that sound rather interesting and should be worth checking out:

  • After wining an Iron Cross for Germany in World War I, a Jewish peasant needs to hide his wife and daughter from the Nazis and likely extermination in Germany during WW-II in Saviors in the Night.
  • The Swimsuit Issue which tells the story of group of middle age men trying to recapture their youth by forming an all-male synchronized swimming team to compete in the World Cup.

The Swimsuit Issue - Foto: Mia Carlsson

  • Based on the true story of a young Sicilian girl who’s father is involved and later murdered by the mafia, The Sicilian Girl enters the shadowy underworld while she looks for revenge and justice.
  • Inspired by the book, “Short Stories About Marriage and Sex,” Shameless is the story about a man who leaves his wife because her nose is too big.  He searches for “true love” at any cost that takes him from one extreme to the other.
  • Shameless

  • And I, Don Giovanni is a must for opera and music fans.  Set in 18th-century Vienna, Mozart writes and rehearses his famous opera Don Giovanni, with the help of Lorenzo da Ponte, the opera’s librettist as the main character.

There are several events scheduled during the film festival as well, including a screening at the Embassy of France of Louise-Michel, a revenge comedy about French factory workers who get lied to about their job securiuty and then immediately get laid off. They decide to hire a hit man to deal with the lying corporate bosses.  It’s followed by a wine & cheese reception at the embassy. ($20.00)

And for children, the Oscar nominated The Secret of Kells, combines breathtaking animation with a heart warning story of a 8th century Norseman boy nad features some intertesting animation and art.

So once agian, FlimFest DC should be an outstanding collection of great international films. Just remember to purchase your tickets in advance and arrive early, as many screenings sell out.

Filmfest DC – 22nd Annual DC International Film Festival
Various venues around Washington DC, but most screenings are at:

Dates – April 15-25, 2010

Tickets – $10.00 for most screenings, and are available by phone at 800-955-5566 or online

Nearest Metro subway stations

Parking – Check the festival’s website for parking and available discounts.

Images – Courtesy of DC International Film Festival (Filmfest DC).  The Swimsuit Issue photo by Mia Carlsson.

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