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Disney — By Jenni Ingersoll on April 12, 2010 at 9:42 pm
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Celebrate Life at Cafe TuTu Tango

The Bohemian lifestyle views life as a celebration.  Often, especially in my family, celebrations revolve around sharing good food, drinks and conversations.  Throw in some artists creating and selling their works and you have a true feast for the senses. 

Cafe’ TuTu Tango (map), a restaurant in Orlando, is this and so much more. Winner of numerous awards for Best Restaurant and Best Appetizer, Cafe’ TuTu Tango was created by three friends who had recently returned from Spain.¬†

During their travels, the three observed artists sketching and drawing, and writers creating stories and poetry, all the while encouraging each other and sharing plates of eclectic food in cafe’s and coffee shops.¬† The trio¬†knew they wanted to share this experience with others.

Gathering a mix of artists to create their art and share with diners, adds vibrancy to this restaraunt.  The collection includes jewelers, potters, painters, silhouette artist, even tarot card readers and tango dancers.

From the moment you walk in the bright colors and textures add life¬†and atmosphere, creating a jackpot for those who love to play “I Spy” while waiting for dinner.

As the participating artists changes or rotates¬†frequently, eating at Cafe’ TuTu Tango is never the same experience twice.¬†¬†We have eaten at this restaurant on several occasions and have found it is a the perfect spot to dine with close friends and business acquaintances alike.

Good friends make the atmosphere more like¬†a party and with so many things to gaze upon, there is never a lull in the conversation with those you have just met.¬† Cafe’ TuTu Tango would be the ultimate setting for a first date.

On this occasion, we were meeting a dear friend we had not seen in a long time, in Orlando for business while we were on vacation.  We arrived a little ahead of schedule and began looking around while sipping a glass of award winning Sangria.

We watched¬†¬†Tiffany Beasi, an artist that allowed us to peer over her shoulder while she¬†painted a portrait of a dog.¬† We met Kathryn Flocken, a former Disney silhouette artist, who created a double hand-cut silhouette of our daughters.¬† Complete with frames, we have a timeless¬†Mother’s Day gift for our grandmothers!

Once at our table we shared a variety of plates,  stuffed Shrimp wrapped in bacon, BBQ Pork Flatbread, Chicken Flautas and Cuban grilled steak skewers. 

Each person selected one, then added a few more until the only thing we had room for was the Double Chocolate Calzone served with ice cream, whipped cream and more chocolate sauce.  So rich it was meant to be shared.

For the young ones that aren’t quite as likely to experiment with food choices, TuTu Tango also offers a children’s menu that included a¬† tasty cheese pizza among others.

While not on Disney property, located on International Drive near the Orange County Convention Center, this one of a kind restaurant is worth seeking out. 

 As you enjoy both the food and the company, remember that this is what life is supposed to be about, celebrate it!

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  • I love Tu Tu Tango. It’s casual, fun, and the artist studio makes it just a little different. I usually eat in the bar area (probably won’t work if you’re with kids), and I feel like I’m lounging in someone’s living room!

  • Tui Cameron says:

    I love Bohemian style coffeehouses, but have never seen one like this. What a unique place! ~Tui

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