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Mopeds in Honolulu

Honolulu is bigger than you think.  Even if you’re a tourist and you like to be green by riding buses and trolleys, Oahu could prove a bit too big for you.  Sometimes you need the freedom to travel at your own pace, on your time.  Hawaii is one of the few places in the U.S. where mopeds and scooters are not only “cool” (well, sort of), legal if you’re under 25, but also (and perhaps most importantly) practical.

Young locals — especially students attending school in Honolulu — prefer to moped around the city instead of drive.  Tourists, too, enjoy this mode of transport as a cheaper alternative.  There are several moped outlets around Honolulu — most of which can be found in or close to Waikiki. Below are a few moped rental stores:

Expect to pay about $150 per week for a rental or $30 per day.  Many people like to take their mopeds around Diamond Head and along the Kalanianaole Highway to Hanauma Bay, Sandy’s Beach, and Waimanalo.

A few tips on riding mopeds around Honolulu:

  • Although it’s not required, you really should wear a helmet.
  • Mopeds should always be driven in the far right lane (unless turning left – duh).
  • You can never drive a moped on the highway or on the sidewalk.
  • Speed limit is 30 MPH.
  • Parking rules vary depending on where you are in town. The general rule is that you should park your moped in a stall — not at a “Bikes Only” rack. There are some bike racks that also accommodate for mopeds, but make sure you check the sign.
  • You register your moped like you do a bike, which means you can and should use the bike lane on the street.
  • Most moped accidents happen because car drivers don’t see you or think you are going to speed up or slow down like they do, so be attentive on the road and use common road sense.

Enjoy your moped experience in Honolulu!

Photo courtesy of eriwst (Flickr)

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