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Washington DC — By Jon Rochetti on April 6, 2010 at 10:05 am
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Massive Cherry Blossoms Crowds Set Metro Records

This past week, the Washington DC Metro rail system recorded the second and third highest ridership days in its 34-year rail history, surpassing all previous records for passengers carried, except for the on the day President Obama was inaugurated on January 20, 2009.

Metro on SaturdayRidership for the period during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival was boosted by several sporting events, and weekday commuters.

Metro’s Total Daily Ridership

  • Thursday – 877,890 – Metro’s 3rd highest rail ridership day
  • Friday – 891,240 – 2nd highest ridership day
  • Saturday – 713,148 – 3rd highest weekend ridership day
  • Sunday – 674,173 – 4th highest ridership weekend day

Metrorail traffic more than doubled typical weekend ridership, but didn’t come close to the 1.1 million riders on Inauguration Day last year.

Trains around the National Mall during the late morning and afternoon were crowded, and often packed to capacity, but Metro experienced no major delays or problems.

Cherry Blossoms Washington DC 2010 Crowds at the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival 2010

While many of the famous cherry trees may be beginning to lose their colorful blooms, the next few days should still offer some great cherry blossom viewing and photo opportunities.  Plus, there are still many Cherry Blossom events and activities to enjoy.

As one Metro rider I  spoke with mentioned, referring to the crowded trains, “This is worse than Friday at rush hour.”  and a moment later added “But really worth it.”

Images – from personal collection – ©2010, Jon Rochetti

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  • Gorgeous photos, Jon! One of the things I miss most about living back on the east coast (VA) – taking the train up to DC to view the cherry blossoms – nothing made me feel “spring” like that, and still doesn’t.

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