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On The Road — By Brendan on April 6, 2010 at 1:38 pm
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Former PlanetEye GlobalNomad applies for Ultimate Travel Job!

Just when you thought that writing for PlanetEye was already the best job in the world…

The Irish wedding and honeymoon-focused travel agency runawaybrideandgroom.com has sponsored a competition to win the “Ultimate Job In Ireland (and Probably the World)”: globetrot the world for six months and get paid to test out some of the most romantic wedding and honeymoon destinations in the world. Also sponsored by the Irish Times, the grueling job involves testing luxury resorts and reporting back to engaged couples everywhere.

And this PlanetEye contributor (accompanied of course, my lovely wife Melanie) has applied for the job! Help us by voting for our video submission here. All you have to do is click, and there’s no need to register

If you’ve followed my posts awhile back as the PlanetEye Global Nomad or followed our personal blog The Brel Chronicles, then you know that we’ve been training for this job for years. If you haven’t, then you might be wondering why on earth you should vote for us. So that’s why we came up with the…

Top 10 Reasons We Are The Ultimate Couple for the Ultimate Job

1. We’ve travelled to 59 countries and haven’t killed each other yet. If you haven’t lived out of a backpack for months on end, you may not realize how hard that is. Or how obnoxious your other half is. But we’re OK with it – and each other.

2. We can write! Brendan is a travel writer (articles for Destinations Magazine, copy for budget and luxury tour companies and of course the Global Nomad blog). Mel is the primary voice of our personal travel blog, the Brel Chronicles.

3. We got married 6 months ago and know all about planning weddings. In fact, we planned 14 Destination weddings (in a pub in Ireland, on a beach in Costa Rica, on a sailboat in Bermuda, over tacos in Mexico, in Hawaii, on a mountain in Bali, in Montreal, on the slopes of Whistler….) In the end, we got married in Toronto. Don’t ask. Apparently the people who raised you get a say in your wedding. But it was a memorable wedding.

4. We know how to honeymoon! In addition to years of honeymoon rehearsals in Central and South America, we’ve taken official honeymoons in St Maarten, Anguilla, Japan and Bali. In fact, we’ve spent 1/3 of our married life to date on the road.

5. We can travel on short notice – we’ve run away from our lives before and we can do it again. Anyone want to dog-sit?

6. Brendan has an internal compass like no other – probably gained from years of working as a Tour Guide in the Americas, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

7. We’re fun. Seriously. Don’t just take our opinion about it. We were once called “the funnest couple ever” – by a fellow traveller we met in Turkey.

8. We know luxury. We’ve slept in Mel Gibson’s bed. Got engaged at the same place where where Courtney Cox got married. Honeymooned in the villa next to Penelope Cruz. And we know what a $1,500 a night villa with a private butler should be like.

9. Brendan will eat anything. Mel will not. This is surprisingly fun to read about.

10. We like to live life from the sublime to the ridiculous (and everything in between). We know $800 bottles of wine. And sadly, we’re well acquainted with the $1 bottle of wine. Each has a time and place. And we want to be in both.


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