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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on March 22, 2010 at 6:10 pm
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Great Edinburgh Breakfasts: Cafe Truva

I’m a sucker for a good breakfast.  Especially when I can have it at noon or 1PM. :-)  There are plenty of great locations for breakfast, but one of the best breakfast deals in Edinburgh is the Turkish breakfast at Cafe Truva.

Historic Location

Cafe Truva has two locations, one on the shore in Leith and one on the Royal Mile just south of St Mary’s Street and Jeffrey Street.  The breakfast I’m talking about is for the Royal Mile location.

This building is called Morocco House or Morocco Land, and it’s named that because of the statue of a moor on the facade of the building (if you’re standing and looking at Truva, look up and to your left, towards the next building.)  It’s an early 18th century tenement which has been restored.

This storefront used to be the home of an artisanal chocolate shop, and everyone was pretty upset when that left.  but I think Truva is a great new tenant; you’ll find remnants of the old chocolate place throughout the cafe, such as the chocolate shop logo in the tiles of the floor.


The classic option is to have the Turkish Breakfast, which is served pretty much all day:  eggs, sausage, feta cheese, cucumbers, with a side of toast and jam.  It is truly yummy-fantastic and just under £10 with a coffee or tea.  You can choose to have a traditional Turkish coffee (pictured above) or just order a white or black coffee.

As you walk in, to the left there’s a cake display with loads of treats and sweets for your temptation.  If you happen to be just walking by and want a  little sugar boost for the road, you can just pop in and grab something from here, though I encourage you to take a minute and sit with a coffee and enjoy the atmosphere.

There are a number of seats outside, and they’re covered, so even if it’s a bit wet but warm you can enjoy.

You can also have other breakfast-y things such as an omelette or just a side of toast; this place is very relaxed, and the owner will pretty much make anything you want, so ask: they’re very service-orientated here, a refreshing change from those strict, uptight places.

And naturally there is a lunch menu – but the Turkish Breakfast is by far the most popular option with myself and friends.

When You’re Done

After you’ve finished, why not take a stroll further down the royal mile and walk around Holyrood Park?  If you don’t fancy the hills, the walk that takes you a large square around the grounds outside of Holyrood Palace is also lovely, and from the back you can get a good glimpse of the ruins of Holyrood Abbey.

The Essentials

Address: 251–253 Canongate, across from Canon’s Gait

Phone: 0131 556 9524

Website: www.cafetruva.com

Note:  The website doesn’t make any mention of the Royal Mile location, which I find a bit odd, but anyway, it’s there, trust me!

Photo by hettie_gm

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