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Dublin — By Jessica Colley on March 17, 2010 at 9:11 pm
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The Best Pints of Guinness in Dublin

Not all pints are created equal in Dublin. After drinking a few pints of Ireland’s famous stout in pubs across the city – I realized that some pubs simply pour a better pint than others.

So what makes the perfect pint? First of all – the bartender needs to allow proper time to pour your pint. Unlike other types of beer, Guinness requires time to settle. A trip to the Guinness Storehouse will teach you that it takes almost 3 full minutes for a perfect pint. When you’re standing at the bar – this time can actually feel significant. The best bartenders don’t care – they won’t rush the pour.

A few places in Dublin pour a perfect pint. Here’s my top 3:

1. Keogh’s: This city center pub, located just off Grafton Street, hasn’t changed for decades. With plenty of space to sit and a pleasant atmosphere – it’s a great place to start your night. A long wooden bar and ancient carpet only adds to the character of the place – and a few different ’snugs’ (small rooms within the pub) are great for a group of friends. Be prepared for this pub to get crowded during Happy Hour – head upstairs for more space.

Address: 1-2 Trinity Street, Dublin 2 (map)

2. Toner’s: This classic Baggot Street pub has a sign outside with a quote from Rory Guinness saying, ‘Toner’s pours the best pint of Guinness in Dublin.’ This statement initially made me suspicious – but after having my first pint at Toner’s, I was convinced! This pub is small and can get quite crowded on the weekends – but it’s a real Dubliner’s hangout.

Address: 2 Upper Baggot Street, Dublin 4 (map)

3. Cassidy’s: Stop in this pub on a Friday or Saturday evening for some live music with your pint. Somehow a Guinness tastes even better when its accompanied by an Irish singer/songwriter on the acoustic guitar. If you’re in Dublin for a big match – this pub also shows the games.

Address: 27 Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2 (map)

BONUS: Where better to sample Guinness then where it’s made – at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin? Buy your tickets in advance online – not only will you save 2 euro on the admission price – but you won’t have to wait in line to enter either. One of the best parts of the visit is the Gravity Bar. This bar at the top of the factory offers panoramic views over Dublin. On a clear day – there is no other view in town quite like it.

Address: St James’s Gate, Dublin 8 (map)

Photo Credit: Jessica Colley

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  • Christina says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to try my first Guinness in Ireland. I hear they really do taste completely different. Thanks :)

  • Hi Christina, they really do taste different! Before I moved here I heard all sorts of stories about how ‘Guinness doesn’t travel well..’ but it’s true! There’s nothing like a Guinness with a good pub lunch on a Sunday afternoon.

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