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Niagara — By Megan Pasche on March 17, 2010 at 4:15 pm
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Pet Friendly Hotels in Niagara

More and more often, people are travelling with their pets, rather than leaving them at home in a kennel or with a sitter, and as this trend catches on, hotels find themselves having to adapt in order to cash in on an increasingly growing market.

There are several hotels and motels in the Niagara area that offer pet friendly accomodations. Niagara is actually a great place to travel with pets because of all the hiking opportunities that exist here, not to mention that most dogs would love a swim in one of our lakes!

Niagara Falls:

Best Western Fallsview (map)
Pets are welcome here at a charge of $25 per pet,  per night. Kennels are required for any pets left alone in the room, as well as a cell phone number on file in case of any noise complaints while you are gone.  One of their pet friendly service agents will even walk your dog if you are gone for the day! Or they have 24hour onsite kennel service. A pet welcome package is included when you register your pet for a stay here.

Falls Manor Resort and Restaurant (map)
The cost here is $10 per day per pet, and pets must be kept leashed at all times, as well as removed from the room when housekeeping is working.

Howard Johnson Express Inn (map)
Only certain rooms are designated as pet friendly at this hotel, so make sure you let management know if you plan on bringing your pet with you. There is a limit of 2 pets per room, and animals must be kenneled when in the room alone.

Rainbow Motor Inn (map)
The fee at this hotel is $5 per day, per pet, and pets must be leashed at all times.

Niagara on the Lake:

Clover Field House Bed and Breakfast
Animals must be at least 1 year old, house broken and well trained.

Country Side Bed and Breakfast
There is a $10 charge per night, per pet, and the owners have a dog cage available if you need it during your stay.

Harbour House Hotel (map)
The charge at this hotel is $25 per day, and pet sitting is available at an additional charge if need be. Special pet rooms include: dog bed, food and water bowls and snacks.

Historic Inns of Niagara
Pet friendly rooms are available on the first floor only, so call well in advance to make sure you are able to get a spot if you are travelling with your pet. Dogs staying at this hotel must be 15 pounds or less, and there is a daily fee of $29 at the Burke House and $39 at the Post House. Pet sitting is also available for an additional fee.

Fort Erie:

Holiday Inn Fort Erie/Niagara Hotel and Convention Centre (map):
Pets are welcome here in designated rooms, and a $100 deposit is necessary upon check in (it is refunded at check out). Dogs must never be left alone in the rooms, and are required to be on leash in common areas. There is also a $30 fee per night, per pet.


Super 8 Motel (map)
There is a charge of $10+tax per pet, and if left alone in the room, pets must be kenneled. Pets are required to be on leash when in a common area.

St. Catharines:

Travelodge St. Catharines (map)
Charges at this hotel range from $10 to $50 per dog, and I’m guessing the fee depends on the size and potentially the breed of your dog. A deposit of $100 must be provided.


Comfort Inn (map)
Cost is $10 per pet, per night, and there is a maximum of two pets per room. Guests are responsible for any damage done by pets, and pets are never to be left unattended.

It is the unfortunate reality in Ontario that pitbull type dogs are banned. It is imperative that you read up on the law if you are planning on travelling to Ontario with a pitbull or a dog resembling a pitbull, as the dog could be confiscated. Different municipalities deal with pitbulls differently, and although I in no way agree with this law, it’s imperative that people know the consequences. Travelling with other dogs is no problem! Hopefully in time, the law will be reversed, and all breeds of dogs will be able to travel freely with their owners.

In the mean time, enjoy travelling to Niagara with your pets! There are a couple of dog parks around the Region as well, so you can bring your dog out for a playdate with other dogs if they need to burn off some excess steam (just make sure to clean up after your dog, and that your dog is well socialized)

A listing of some dog parks in the area:
Burgoyne Woods (map), St. Catharines: this is the cities first leash free dog park, and there is a 1 acre fenced area for small dogs, and a 4 acre fenced area for bigger dogs. The park is located at the very back of Burgoyne Woods, and there signs indicated where to go.

Catherine Street Dog Park (map)

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