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Europe — By Ivan Stupachenko on March 6, 2010 at 2:34 pm
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Incredible Oriental Sculpture at the Hermitage

Photo credit: www.2photo.ru

Currently, the Hermitage displays an exhibition of a Russian sculptor Dashi Namdakov. This name, Dashi, may sound to you a bit non-Russian, and here I must say that Dashi is a representative of one of the most interesting folks living under one roof with a “title” nation. He’s a buryat, and his folk is regarded to be the close relatives to those Mongolians who managed to conquer the territory of today’s Russia in XIII-XIVth centuries (according to generally accepted version of  history which is nontheless doubtful).

Photo credit: www.2photo.ru

So, his works are about Oriental themes, ones not widely known  in Europe or Americas. When you think “oriental”, you must be imagining somerthing like a Chinese man or maybe someone from the Tibet mountains. It’s close to that, but that’s not it. Dashi Namdakov’s world puts you into the reality of ancient folks that used to live in Mongolia and areas surrounding the deepest and largest lake in world, the Baikal lake.

Just click his site to get brought to armies of  Genghis-khan or to the Mongol movie, which was nominated to get the Oscar a few years ago. Dashi contributed to the film as an art director.

Dashi’s works are hold by many big people, with Vladimir Putin and Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov among them.

The exhibition expires on April, 4. It features also jewellery and graphic works of Namdakov, total more than 100 items.

Information on opening hours of the Winter Palace (the main building of the Hermitage) is here, tickets and prices here.

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