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Buenos Aires — By Pablo Juan Augustinowicz on March 6, 2010 at 12:01 am
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Confitería Ideal… A Unique Time Capsule

As you may know, there are lots of tango venues in Buenos Aires. On previous articles I’ve written about the famous Café Tortoni, and El Viejo Almacén (the temple of tango), and also the Piazzolla Tango Show. So if you like tango, you must drop by the Confitería Ideal.

This is a place that oozes with 1920′s opulence and character. It was founded in 1912 and I don’t think much has changed since, including the crowd.

It is a café-bar-restaurant that has two floors. The main floor is mostly a confitería, a café and bakery where you can also get a light lunch. The top floor is a bar as well as a dance hall. The walls are covered with deeply rich wood paneling and mirrors. The ceiling is full of fans and an ornate metal and glass skylight. It is a time capsule where you keep waiting for Carlos Gardel to come strolling in. It is not the best place to go to meet young people because the clientéle are mostly older couples, but the ambiance is great and the people are nice. There are shows almost every day. Tango classes are available, so check the schedule at its website.

To find more info about venues or tango lessons, there are a few free publications. Grab a free copy of B.A. Tango or El Tangauta . These are hard to find. They may have one in your hostel or hotel. You may also find them in tango shoe stores.

As mentioned on a previous article, another great website is www.tangodata.gov.ar . Here you can find info on classes and all sort of activities.

A good way to learn to dance tango is to find a dance hall that gives lessons before the dance begins. There you may have an opportunity to meet more people as they switch partners during the lesson. The cultural centers are also a great way to get good lessons at a very reasonable price. For example, Carlos Ricciutti is a very enthusiastic teacher at the Centro Cultural Recoleta who speaks english. His classes are every Tuesday and Friday from 6 pm to 8 pm. For more info go to… www.centroculturalrecoleta.org

I would recommend you look good when you go out in Buenos Aires. Porteños are very fashionable people. Tango is danced by the young and old, and for the most part everyone looks good. Coat and ties are not needed but blue jeans and sneakers wouldn’t look good. Wear shoes that you are comfortable to dance with. Most places don’t have a nice wooden floor, so nice street shoes are usually the best.

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