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Amsterdam — By Marianne on March 3, 2010 at 1:00 am
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New York Subway Goes Dutch

Do you live in New York but would you rather live in ‘Nieuw Amsterdam’? Hop on the S shuttle train—running between Grand Central and Times Square and get that Dutch feeling.

When the train pulls in, you stand in the middle of a bulb field. Red, pink and yellow tulips wave in a gentle breeze. Farmsteads and windmills stand at the far end of the field.

While the subway car zips you from Times Square to Grand Central, you feel yourself in Amsterdam for at least a few minutes. Close your eyes and you can almost smell scrumptious Dutch apple pie or taste cool Heineken. When you open your eyes again you find yourself on, a leafy canal, festooned with a dozens of bicycles or in a picture gallery with dark wooden walls. The star exhibit is Vermeer’s Girl With the Pearl Earring.

Only the KLM-blue sky above the bulb field tells you that this is an advertising campaign launched by The Dutch Bureau of Tourism and Conventions, together with KLM. The train will run only a few more days but Amsterdam will never cease to be. So why don’ t you spend your vacation in Amsterdam this year?

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Photo credits: via PointClickHome.com

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