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Atlanta — By Linda Erbele on March 3, 2010 at 6:09 pm
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Eat-like-a-local in Oakwood

Sometimes you want a chef, and sometimes you just want a meat-and-three. When you’re heading up I-985 to Lake Lanier or the North Georgia mountains, there’s a great place with little advertising or signage that the locals flock to. Take the Oakwood exit and head east (right if you were coming from Atlanta.) Turn right onto Branch Dr at the first light.

Curt’s in Oakwood serves cafeteria style – so you choose from fried chicken, steak-and-gravy, meat loaf and other specials of the day. You can see the choices on their website listed by the day.  Then there are the veggies – potatoes and gravy, peas, beans, greens, fried okra — you know, the kind of stuff that would make your mama proud. Cooked like she would too. All reasonably priced, with salads, desserts, biscuits, soda and sweet tea.

If your trip is early in the morning, it’s also worth stopping at Curt’s. The drive-thru opens at 5:30 and the dining room at 6 am. (7 a.m. on Sunday.) They close every day at 2 except Saturday, when they do breakfast only and close at 11.

Yes, I said drive-thru. You can get the standard breakfast fare inside at a table or on your lap in the car – eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, cat-head biscuits (as my Grandpa used to call them because they’re as big as one.)

Breakfast is really my favorite from Curt’s. No one beats their tenderloin biscuit. (Pork tenderloin that is.) Gently floured and fried, it’s almost as thick as a pork chop — moist and tender. Many places I’ve tried for breakfast think a tenderloin has to be shoe leather tough. This one is really, artery-clogging wonderful.

Insider tip: If you’re grabbing that biscuit from the drive-in, put the newspaper between your lap and the brown bag. Part of what makes it so good is that grease that comes through the bag.

(Photo: personal collection. It and the crumbs are all that’s left!)

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