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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on March 2, 2010 at 5:49 pm
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Six Nations Rugby

If you’re going to enjoy a rugby game here in Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium, then make it a Six Nations Rugby game.  They’re good fun and a great way to get a flavour of the European rugby circuit.

Who are the Six Nations

The six nations that compete in this rugby tournament include:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Italy

The tournament was one of the first international rugby tournaments playing in the Northern Hemisphere.  It was formerly called the Five Nations and the Home Nations Championship.  You may also hear it commonly referred to as the RBS 6 Nations tournament, as the bank is a major sponsor.  It started in 1883 and has been held continuously except between 1940-1946 when the event was suspended due to World War II.

How Does it Work?

Well, it is an annual event, happening in the February/March time frame.  The deal is that each nation plays each other, and the home advantage swaps back and forth each year.  Winners get two points, one point for a draw, and of course none for a loss.  There’s no bonus points or anything.

But what the heck is rugby?

If you’re new to the concept of rugby (or wondering if I meant soccer or football), then I suggest you have a quick read of Rugby for Dummies.  Then come back here and continue reading :-)

Possible Prizes

Apart from being the overall winner, of course, there are some special prizes.  You can win more than one – such as winning the tournament as well as a Triple Crown, for example.

The Wooden Spoon

If you come up last in the points sweeps, then you get the lucky honour of winning the Wooden Spoon.  It harks back to the saying that loser gets a wooden spoon!

The Grand Slam

If you beat everyone else in every single game, that’s called a Grand Slam.  (No, not like in baseball and not like at an old diner.)   Actually, every team except Italy has one a Grand Slam, England having won 12 over the years.  Scotland has only claimed three (1925, 1984, 1990).

The Triple Crown

The triple crown is just between England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.  If one of those manages to win against the other three, that’s a triple crown.

Other Trophies

There are also other ‘mini’ trophy games, including:

  • Calcutta Cup – England versus Scotland
  • Centenary Quaich – Scotland versus Ireland
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy – France versus Italy
  • Millennium Trophy – England versus Ireland

Where Do They Play in Edinburgh?

Of course, Murrayfield Stadium is Scotland’s host venue for the Six Nations.  The bars in the West End overflow with parties before and after the game, and the atmosphere in the stadium is electric during the Six Nations.  As you can see from the initial photo, everyone really gets into the mood.  It’s actually one of the smaller venues of the six nations.

Other host cities include Twickenham (a Borough of London, England), Paris (France), Dublin (Ireland), Cardiff (Wales), and Rome.  The Rome stadium is the smallest and talks are in progress to move to a larger facility.

How to Find Out More

For more details, such as tickets and dates for next year’s event, be sure to visit the official website.

Photo by theedinburghblog.co.uk, debs

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