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San Francisco — By Katrina Verweel on February 10, 2010 at 1:26 pm
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Last Minute V-day Plans

Book a last minute Valentines Day Tour through Chinatown and Little Italy to taste the best of both worlds and experience great food and romance with your loved one. If you already have V-Day plans, this tour will also be available throughout the month of February.

The Valentines Day tour will start in the most romantic area of San Francisco; Little Italy. The tour will not only allow you to try the best Italian foods, you will also learn how the food is made. You will learn skills of how to make great coffee, pastries, unique deli sandwiches, and how to pick out the best olive oil. And one of the best things about this Valentines Day activity for all you late-timers, is the tour operators can accommodate same day reservations.

There are three different time slots to choose from for this special Valentines Day event: 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 6:00 pm. The morning and afternoon time slots begin with a tour of Little Italy in North Beach exploring different kinds of food, visiting the best café’s, learning how coffee is roasted, exploring the world of chocolate, enjoying fresh pastries, tasting local olive oils, savoring specialty meats, and checking out the old Beat Generation hangouts. The evening tour includes Dim Sum from Chinatown’s oldest bakery, seeing how fortune cookies are made, exploring the real part of Chinatown, trying different Chinese teas, exploring the old Beat Generation hangouts, dropping into authentic western saloons for a drink, and getting treated to genuine Italian thin-crust pizza.

Little Italy is the best place in San Francisco to experience romance in the many restaurants, café’s, and parks, which is why it becomes so popular during Valentines Day. Quaint outdoor café’s serving the best coffee and pastries, as well as world-renowned pizza and wine are a few things North Beach is known for. Little Italy also has a thriving live music scene.

All tours last two hours and cost $59 per person, which includes everything on the tour. To book your spots on the Valentine’s Day San Francisco Tour, click here or call (415) 665-0480.

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