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St Petersburg — By Ivan Stupachenko on January 30, 2010 at 5:51 am

French Posters From 1890s At The Hermitage

A bill of the hippodrome at Porte Mailot, 1890

The picture credit: The Hermitage museum

An exhibition “The French poster and ornamental graphic” is since Januar 23 at the Hermitage museum.

We all know the great artists and their paintings created to serve people without any special function, I mean, they just have to be paintings, and reflect the vision of artists, and be attached to an wall.

A Japanese lounge, 1893.

There is another block of pictorial art, a block that is being produced with concrete goals to implement some functions, for instance, an advertising one. It’s not a “pure art”, an art as itself, but it’s also very creative though it is made to adorn a house and a city. It can be in the guise of an advertising poster, or a magazine frontpage, or a print.

The “French poster” exhibition contains about twenty works dating back to the late XIXth century.

Opening hours is here, entrance fees is here.

And that is my detailed post about the Hermitage museum.

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