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St Petersburg — By Ivan Stupachenko on January 25, 2010 at 10:29 am

St. Petersburg In The Winter: Incredible Photos

Place: The Yusuposvkiy garden, Sadovaya-street, 50.

St. Petersburg is mostly visited in the summer, but it is also beautiful in these winter days. Coming here in the cold times makes sense also because of free museums. No long queues to the Hermitage, no overcrowded cafes and other museums. Cultural “shopping” here is the best in the winter! As well as some picturesque places, such as the Yusupovskiy garden (mentioned above), where this photo was made:

Rivers and canals seem to be frozen, and it’s really so. Sometimes you can see people walking on ice surface, from one shore to another. But I’d not recommend you to do it, of course. Below pictured the Griboedov canal, its part  not far from the Sennaya square.

Um. This foggy picture (below) features the dome of the world famous The Isaac’s Cathedral, one of must-sees of the city. In the summer days, it can easily be seen from even great distances, but these days I cannot see it even from the Dvortsovaya square which is just near and which is the spot where the photographer making this photo was standing.

By the way, it’s about minus 13- 20 Celcius these days, which explains the origin of the fog.

What is great about snow, is that you can leave your signs, slogans and traces  on different things. There is an example below. Just find this postament at the Alexandrovsky garden near the Dvortsovaya square and write: “Alex’s been here!”

And given today’s circumstances I have important piece of information, especially for those struggling in the cold streets of St. Petersburg. There is a new cafe opened just recently in the Nevsky prospect, near the Vosstanya square. It’s very comfortable, very cosy, very nice and with friendly personnel. You think, it’s advertising? No. Just because Costa Coffee needs no advertising. But you may need Costa Coffee after getting your body frozen to death :)

Photo credit: all by  www.rusmediaagency.com


  • Marianne says:

    Ivan, St Petersburg in winter looks even better than Switzerland in winter. I never thought about St Petersburg as a winter destination. I’ll keep it in mind for next year.

  • Katrina Verweel says:

    Wow, it really looks cold there! It’s much colder there now than in Toronto.

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