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Sydney — By Lauren Katulka on January 25, 2010 at 12:05 am
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Best Ways to Beat the Sydney Heat

Conditions have been sweltering around the city of late, so I thought I’d put together a handy guide of ways to beat the heat.

Crowds at Bondi Beach

[Image source: Penreyes @ Flickr]

The beach: A day at the beach is a no brainer, with plenty of spots around the city to choose from. You’ll want to stay off the sand and spend more time in the water if you hope to really cool down. Just remember to pack a waterproof sunscreen, and of course to throw on a T-shirt and hat once you get back on dry land.

Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool

Swimming at Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool

[Source: Sydney Media]

Take a dip: If you’re not a fan of waves of sand in your swimmers, why not head to the pool instead? I love the harbour views of the Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool, while Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre is great fun for the kids.

[Source: Brain's Brain's @ Stock.xchng]

Strap on some skates: You don’t need to be on water to cool down on a hot summer’s day. You’ll believe it’s winter when you’re on the ice at Macquarie Ice Rink. Conveniently located inside the Macquarie Centre at Ryde, the kids can skate while mum and dad enjoy a coffee in air-conditioned comfort.

[Source: Danperry.com @ Flickr]

Go for gold: Steamy summer conditions can make you feel anything but glamorous, but seeing a movie Gold Class should put things right. Soak up the air conditioning while you recline in comfy chairs, enjoy full waiter service, and of course watch a movie!

[Source: Appoose81 @ Flickr]

Have a tipple: Minus 5 Ice Bar in Sydney is literally and figuratively speaking, the coolest place around. It’s a strange thing to rug up in furs when it’s 40 degrees outside, but once you’ve got a cocktail in your hand you’ll hardly mind!

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