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On The Road — By jonah on January 20, 2010 at 11:25 am

Would You Book Travel On A Mobile Device?

Question for you as I check out the Apple App Store, would you search for and actually book a trip on a mobile device?  Seriously now, think about it.  Your sitting somewhere with time to kill and you start thinking about the next trip you have to take, would you take out your mobile device, search for the various components and then click buy?  It’s one thing to pick a restaurant, we love our open table here at PlanetEye.  Theatre tickets, sporting events or concerts, yes I could see that too. Then there is the flight.  Would you pay for a flight on a mobile device?  Recently, I downloaded the Kayak App for my iphone.  It’s pretty good, I must admit.  I have the Air Canada App too.  The Air Canada App doesn’t let you buy tickets.  For me, right now it’s not the fear of doing business via a mobile device that worries me.  It’s the lack of choice.  I try to fly Air Canada or Westjet.  Shoot me, I live in Canada.  As a result, I rarely book flight on any 3rd party site, I use Westjet or Air Canada directly.

Then there is a hotel.  I think I would actually book a hotel using a mobile device, provided it is a hotel I am familiar with. For example, if I knew I had to be in New York or San Francisco and I have a favorite Starwood property there, I wouldn’t hesitate to book a room using the Starwood App.

I guess the real test will be for big ticket items, cruises and packages.  Searching for either of those is difficult enough on the “regular” internet these days, I have yet to see anything that makes it simple on a mobile device.

The race, we are told, is on to the small screen.  The one we carry in our pockets or on our hip.  I can see buying certain things on a mobile device, music, food, tickets.  It is going to be very interesting to see what happens in travel.




  • Michael says:

    Absolutely! Due to my work i’m forced to fly a lot and with very short time notifications. I would definitely use “Mobile concierge/agent” to book a tickets as soon as it’s reliable, effective and friendly.


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