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St Petersburg — By Ivan Stupachenko on January 20, 2010 at 8:02 am
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A Ferry Line St. Petersburg – Helsinki since April 2010

Today I have really great news for you, for everybody willing to visit St. Petersburg and then go to Finland or on the contrary.

I got many questions concerning the best way to get to Finland from St. Petersburg, and as I wrote there are only on-land routes such as railway and autobus lines as well as air connection.

In April this year, a ferry named “Princess Maria” will start travelling five times a week between St. Petersburg and Helsinki. Instead of getting trapped at a border crosing when going by a bus, or being forced to get up early to catch a train, or being forced to go from a city to airport and then from airport to a city you will be able to feel comfortably at a ship with great views on the Baltic Sea. It’s much better than all these ways in terms of comfort.

Details available now include as following.

An operator of the line is a Finnish company St. Peter Line. The ferry is MS Princess Maria which can host 1638 passengers + 395 vehicles. Travel time is 11 hours which gives you an opportunity to have the whole day free in Helsinki or St. Petersburg. There are 606 cabins of different types.

There are no accurate details about price policy, but the minimum rate is supposed to be at a level of 30 euros per head for a one-way ticket. It’s much cheaper than by a train or by a plane and a bit more expensive than by a bus.

The most important thing about this all for all non-Russians is that you need not a Russian visa for visiting St. Petersburg when you use the ferry. Additional details are on the site of the operating company.

Such details as schedule, the starting day and price-policy will be known in February. To be continued!

Photo credit: www.stpeterline.com

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