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Amsterdam — By Marianne on January 3, 2010 at 6:39 am

Tip of the Week: Body in Balance

Did you get the fright of your life this morning when you stood on the scales? Did you take off your slippers and bathrobe? Were you horror-struck that it didn’t make any difference? It’s obvious. Christmas took its toll. Let’s deal with this problem.

Cram yourself with all Christmas left-over. Eat those mince pies, smoked salmon canapés and the last wedge of the frosted Christmas cake. Scour cupboards for chocolate Father Christmas, after-dinner mint and almond pastry roll. Drink the mulled wine and uncork the last bottle of champagne.



Satisfied? Good, let’s begin. Get a step ladder and hide your car keys on top of the bookcase. From now you will skate, walk, swim or climb to get rid of all those extra pounds.

Glide over shining, smooth ice. Museumplein turned into a skating rink. Skating is free, but renting a pair of skates is €5. Stay away from hot chocolate, oliebollen (doughnuts) and poffertjes (small puffy pancakes).

WHERE: Museumplein, near Rijksmuseum. Open until 28 February, daily from 10 am – 8 pm


Breathe fresh air, listen to the wind and feel rejuvenated. Nordic walking burns 45% more calories than ordinary walking. If you don’t have Nordic walking poles get them from Demmenie Sport Shop, Marnixstraat 2, Amsterdam.

WHERE: Westerpark, book a trial lesson and rent the walking poles.


Imagine yourself in a tropical paradise. Sit on the beach under palm trees, but not too long.  Swim up and down, play squash and loose those extra pounds. Stay away from the restaurant.

WHERE: Swimming Pool, De Mirandabad, Mirandalaan 9, open seven days a week.


Test your climbing skills on this artificially constructed klimmuur (climbing wall). The wall has holds, grips, and unusual slants. Not having the right shoes is no excuse because special climbing shoes can be rented. Book an introduction climb, your climbing instructor will teach you the tricks of the trade.

WHERE: Klimmuur Centraal, Dijksgracht 2 (right behind Centraal station)

photo credit: klimmuur @flickr, feet: personal collection

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