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Buenos Aires — By Pablo Juan Augustinowicz on December 29, 2009 at 11:06 pm

Tips for a Safe New Years in Buenos Aires



If you are planning to be in Buenos Aires for the New Years celebration there are several things that are important to be aware of!

First, expect a lot of fireworks! If you don’t like noise then get some earplugs, and for your dogs while you are at it! I will never forget when my daughter was just  three yeas old, the amount of fireworks in our neighborhood was like a war zone, so she used to cover her ears and hide under the table…

Watch out for drivers who have been consuming too much alcohol or are hurrying around at the last minute. We all know how dangerous it is in Buenos Aires for drivers and pedestrians so be on your toes more than usual!

The most important times for getogethers are dinner on New Years Eve and then lunch on New Years Day, but bear in mind these facts…

New Years Eve:

* Taxis – limited starting in the afternoon
* Buses – similar to Sunday schedules or even less
* Kioskos – hit or miss with some open so they can sell fireworks or alcohol.
* Restaurants – hit or miss, make a reservation if you’re worried

New Years Day:

* Chinese stores in the late afternoon
* Taxis – increasingly available as the day goes on
* Kioskos – still hit or miss starting later in the day
* Bakeries – morning
* Movie Theaters – New Years Day in the afternoon

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