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Hong Kong — By Jessy DB on December 29, 2009 at 12:23 pm
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Bodies in Motion, Bodies at Rest by Gareth Brown

At the beginning of December, I was at the Urban Dance Festival 2009 at Swire Island East (map) where a photo exhibition called ‘Bodies in Motion, Bodies at Rest’ was being showcased. The collection takes a fresh look at Hong Kong’s historical backdrop by juxtaposing it with contemporary dance. As part of an ongoing photographic site-specific dance exploration by local photographer Gareth Brown, it observes infrastructures that have developed within the city through the years by covering both rural and urban areas. Brown has captured the city’s rich culture and continuous growth in architecture and contemporary art through his works and I strongly suggest that everyone check it out.


The exhibition has since moved to EDGE Gallery (address below) in Causeway Bay (map). ‘Bodies in Motion, Bodies at Rest’ is a collection of beautifully composed photographs full of  life and expression. Whether you’re a budding photographer, a serious art collector, or simply just passing by, if you love Hong Kong, this is a great exhibition to visit.


What with the upsurge of pretentious galleries around the Soho (map) and upscale Central (map) areas lately, I find Edge Gallery’s low-key yet surprisingly quiet location in the middle of busy Causeway Bay a wonderful place to view independent and contemporary art from emerging artists. With monthly exhibitions ranging from experimental paintings to sculptures and photography, they’re events and installation pieces are almost always interesting.

‘Bodies in Motion, Bodies at Rest’ will be at the Edge Gallery until 30th January 2010. Admission is free and visiting hours are from 10.30am to 7.30pm every Tuesday to Friday and 2pm to 8pm on Saturdays. It’s closed every Monday, Sunday and public holidays.

For more information visit www.edge-gallery.com

G/F 60C Leighton Road (map)

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Tel +852 2882 0313

E-mail info@edge-gallery.com

Photo credit: Jessy DB, The Hong Kong Guide – ‘Bodies in Motion, Bodies at Rest’, Swire Island East

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