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Hawaii — By byun on December 26, 2009 at 2:30 pm
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Obama’s Kailua

Photo courtesy of MoralesDirect (Flickr)

Photo courtesy of MoralesDirect (Flickr)

Kailua is one of the most idyllic towns in the Hawaiian islands, so it’s no wonder the First Family is spending their 10-day holiday vacation on the serene shores of Oahu’s windward coast.  The Obamas arrived on Christmas Eve to a great deal of buzz and excitement.  Even air traffic will be diverted for additional safety precautions.  My friends in Kailua are already on the Obamas lookout, hoping to catch a glance of the family when they sneak away from their luxurious Paradise Point Estates compound.

Having grown up in Hawaii, President Obama knows just how much Kailua has to offer visitors and locals alike.  Here are just a few of the area’s highlights.  With some luck/timing, you may just brush arms with the Obamas!

Maunawili Falls: One of the more popular hikes on the island, Maunawili is a pleasant 3-hour hike through tropical rainforest, ending at a refreshing waterfall.  Jump from the rock into the pool below at your own risk.  (There’s a cool natural rock slide if you climb over the fall to the other side).

Kailua Beach Park: They don’t call this the windward side for nothing.  Kailua is famous for its wind and world-class kite surfers and wind surfers swear that this is one of the best places for wind-related water sports.

Mokulua Islands: Kayaking is a very popular activity in Kailua, and a 30-minute paddle will get you to the two islands off Kailua’s coast.  Many people like to bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it.

Lanikai Beach: If you’d rather just chill out on the beach, Lanikai is the most relaxing sandy beach on the island.  Consistently named among the world’s best beaches, the sand here is so fine you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

Boots & Kimo’s: This famed brunch spot has glorious macadamia nut pancakes, among other things.  If you’re heading there on the weekend, expect to wait at least 30 minutes for a seat.

Formaggio Grill: One of the classiest restaurants in town, Formaggio is a fine place to drink wine and have a sophisticated dinner.

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  • heather says:

    My husband’s plane was only 18 miles from Air Force One when Obama was flying to Honolulu and he to Kauai. Pretty Cool!

    PlanetEye Traveler – Phoenix

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