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Global Nomad — By jcampos on December 21, 2009 at 3:05 pm

Trekking in Northern Thailand

Put yourself in a place where comforts as you know them are non existent.  No phone, no running water, no electricity or generators for that matter.  Then take away the English language as a universal tool, familiar food, faces, religion and smells.  If you can paint this picture in your head then you have taken your first step towards a multiple day trek in the hills of Northern Thailand.

Hiring a local guide to take you through these majestic hills, where the people treat you as you are their own, where the food is unfamiliar yet still warm and inviting, and where soothing chants heard off in the distance resonate from the mouths of monks reciting their daily mantras.  And all though you are stranger in a strange land, there is a level of connection that can be felt in every step, in every village passed, and in every breath you take in.


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