Lisbon Playing with the Cold and the Rain

Temperatures have been hitting as low as 5ºC during day time. While I imagine this is normal for many of you readers, for us it’s just something we’re not used to, and many times not even prepared. Still, it’s like a play between the sun and the rain that brings along colder or warmer days. Today we’re back to rainy days and it’s 10ºC up.

There’s no doubt that the sunny days are happier and brighter that rainy ones. Yesterday morning, while it was 5ºC and sunny, I took my bicycle for a ride through Monsanto (map) lush green paths. Unfortunately it was a bit too cold for me and after some 30 minutes I felt I needed an hot shower.

I then decided this would be a perfect day for Christmas shopping along the streets of Chiado and Bairro Alto districts. While it was still cold, it would be another trade off… Shopping in a shopping center on a freezing Sunday just before Christmas, trust me, would be far worst. So I just kept stopping along some libraries and small cafes to relax and heat up a bit. Roasted chestnuts turned out to be quite perfect to warm my hands… I have to say it was quite a perfect Sunday cold afternoon.

Like I said, this evening it rained again… The good thing is that I don’t need to wear a coat, gloves and hat anymore. But I do have to stay inside…

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